Villa in the countryside

An eclectic decor enhances a traditional space
Villa in the countryside

Can you want everything? In our period and in all periods of great innovation and openness, there is the desire to bring together and merge in a single result the different qualities that history has matured through alternative traditions: eclecticism recurs. Until a few decades ago, cities and countryside constituted separate worlds, complementary but not overlapping, not even culturally. The tremendous growth in service access capacities revives in many the never-ceased desire to live away from traffic, pollution, crowds, while taking with them all the comforts and sophisticated tastes of the city.

This villa is an example. Externally it assumes the sober aspect of the surrounding country houses, of which it reproduces some peculiar features, such as the roof beams, enhanced as an aesthetic element.

Inside, however, presents a luxurious custom-made furniture, which organizes the spaces exactly on the needs of elegance and practicality of the customer.

The living room is a large space in whose center dominates the large leather sofa, linear and modern, white like the nineteenth-century classic furniture that surrounds it along the walls, punctuated by contrast from the black baroque desk decorated in gold and the black frame of the fireplace, embellished with glossy decoration: the undisputed symbol of rural conviviality is here kept by way of memory and recall of its expected function but quite obviously fire will never be turned on.

mmediately accessible from the living room, the large kitchen takes care to hide all the latest technology under the quiet candor of stylish furniture, framed by a collection of pharmacy vases.

Finally, in the bedroom of the daughter, color peeks out, a very romantic lilac, but exclusively on the walls or in the textile accessories. The furniture, chest of drawers, bedside table, bed, and bookcase remain consistent with the creamy white that is the leitmotiv of all this pleasant, quiet and refined furnishings.

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