Arcari products are manufactured choosing only the best materials and approved according to the strictest regulations. All Arcari kitchens are covered by a Warranty against defects and lack of conformity: this Warranty is valid for all purposes and governed by Italian law.

Warranty duration

The Legal Warranty is valid for a period of 24 months from the delivery of the Products (identified by the date indicated in the transport document) and shall be asserted by the consumer within 2 months from the discovery of the defect.

Product conformity

The Purchaser shall examine the Products as soon as possible and shall notify Arcari, by fax or e-mail, of any hidden defects (legally relevant and sufficiently serious to make the goods unsuitable for the use for which they were intended or such as to significantly reduce their value) within and not later than 8 days from the date indicated in the transport document, under penalty of forfeiture of the exercise of the relevant rights.

Arcari shall have the right to examine the Products that the Buyer has declared to be faulty or defective. In the presence of defects that denote the characteristics just described, the timing and methods of intervention shall be identified.

Warranty validity

The warranty offered by Arcari is valid internationally and, in order to benefit from it, it is necessary to keep the purchase invoice or any other document showing the date of purchase of the Product.

What the warranty covers

  • structures
  • doors and drawer fronts
  • plinths
  • worktops
  • hardware
  • varnishing and lacquering


The Warranty does not apply to Products which have been:

  • improperly stored or incorrectly assembled (kitchen elements must be installed in rooms with humidity between 50% and 60% and ambient temperature between 14° and 30°).
  • inadequately used, tampered with, or altered due to lack of, insufficient or incorrect maintenance or failure to observe the guidelines in the user manual.

The Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the components or damage due to knocks.

The Warranty, unless otherwise specified, refers only to normal domestic use.

The Warranty does not cover indirect or accidental damage.

The following are also excluded from the warranty:

  • colour variations between the sample shown at the time of purchase and the delivered product
  • variations in colour due to the effect of time (e.g., in wood, lacquered surfaces, etc.)
  • variations in size due to changes in the humidity-environment balance
  • damage resulting from inadequate electrical and power supply installations. 

LThe Warranty does not apply to household appliances as these are covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty.

The Warranty for lack of conformity is excluded if at the time of purchase the Purchaser was aware of the defect or could not have been unaware of it with the use of normal due diligence or if the lack of conformity derives from instructions or materials supplied by the Purchaser himself.