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architects and interior designers

We offer architects and interior designers all the expertise and experience of over sixty years of history.

Inspirations, samples, technical solutions and finishes... in the Arcari showroom, architects and interior designers can experience the quality of the products first-hand and choose from the many alternatives for finishes; but also to discuss with our team in search of the best technical and structural solutions for their project.


For every project

In addition to the rich catalog proposed for both kitchens and bathrooms, the living room and the bedroom, Arcari's production capacity is also able to offer constant support at every stage of the project, allowing architects and interior designers to develop freely their own ideas.


see your own environments flourish

Arcari is always happy to open the doors of its showrooms and production area, organizing visits to see the wood and all the materials take shape, thanks to the precise and skilful gestures of our craftsmen. For architects, a way to better understand production techniques and be able to imagine new solutions, for their customers a unique experience to see first-hand the care dedicated to their furniture.


a rich and varied collection of materials and finishes

There is no catalog - printed or digital - that can compete with the real material; certain qualities can only be perceived by seeing them in real life, feeling their weight, touching their surface or evaluating their behavior under natural light. And it is for this reason that we have set up and made available a space dedicated to material samples, with a large meeting table where you can discuss with us and with the customer, in search of the perfect solution. Precious and inlaid woods, liquid metal with 3D processing, artistic glass, marble, leather, eco-leather and Nubuck: the selection of the colors of the materials was made following the most up-to-date design trends, choosing exclusively high-end raw materials. Arcari also organizes ad personam meetings to illustrate the characteristics of the different materials and related finishes, as well as their use. To book a meeting, fill out the form you will find at this link.


The key to choosing

In the early stages of the project, being able to assess feasibility, including economic aspects, is crucial for making choices among various alternatives and thus for the project’s development itself. Arcari Arredamenti has internal staff capable of providing detailed quotes promptly.


With our support

Arcari Arredamenti offers a 360° service that takes care of every aspect of product realization, from design to delivery, carried out by terms of technicians and experienced fitters.


That lasts over time

Arcari’s support complements the work of the architect on-site and doesn’t end with delivery but continues into the post-purchase phase, ensuring assistance and maintenance, and offering maximum availability for the realization of any additions.


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