Our concept of quality to include all aspects of the product, from conception to production, from materials to assembly.

Because for us there can be no such thing as partial quality, relating to only one aspect of production. Total quality is about offering the best in every aspect of the product.



for excellence

We only use high-quality materials that guarantee both the durability of the product and the aesthetic result. The wood, the main, if not the only, element of our furniture, is always solid wood, chosen and worked according to the criteria of optimisation of the result (aesthetic and functional) and not of yield or availability.

In the case of the artist as in that of the craftsman, it is very clear that man least of all succeeds in possessing that which most closely belongs to him. His works leave him, like birds leave the nest in which they were hatched.



Arcari is committed to finding solutions that have a low environmental impact in both the manufacture and use of its products.


  • energy efficiency 
  • better insulation of heated departments 
  • recycling and reuse of production by-products, minimising the impact of any waste that previously had to be disposed of
  • recycling of packaging where possible
  • constant search for partners who offer and supply raw materials derived from renewable sources or natural non-petroleum substances.

Use of products:

Arcari is making a transition to using products that are not linked to the oil industry.

For many years, our products have been free of harmful substances: we have been using raw materials derived from natural and vegetable sources such as nitrocellulose, some of the waxes and linseed oil.

Currently, gaining prominence is the concept of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), certain types of substances that are released from products when they are applied.

Legislation sets limits, but Arcari is committed to further reducing VOCs, to achieve the right balance between performance and low emissions.


invisible and fundamental

Classic furniture hardware should be as invisible as possible. Nevertheless, its role is fundamental and quality hardware - of the type we use in our furniture - guarantees perfect hold even when the dimensions are small, with impeccable, cushioned, silent closures that remain so over time.


everything under scrutiny right down to the last detail

We check our furniture from the first cut to the last finish, from installation to final inspection.
We assemble the items in the workshop and subject them to all the necessary tests to guarantee their perfect efficiency and durability.