About us

A story about style, a family story.

For more than 60 years the Arcari family has been designing and manufacturing kitchens and furniture in classic and contemporary styles, satisfying every taste requirement.

The creations are characterised by the combination of aesthetics and functionality, as well as high production standards coupled with traditional artisan skills. The construction is always bespoke, respecting a concept of tailor-made chic.

for 60 years


for excellence

To design and manufacture quality kitchens and furniture in keeping with Italian style and taste, using natural materials, and respecting the environment. Capturing trends, designing new collections, and experimenting with innovative solutions while respecting the traditions and taste of Italian furniture.

In the case of the artist as in that of the craftsman, it is very clear that man least of all succeeds in possessing that which most closely belongs to him. His works leave him, like birds leave the nest in which they were hatched.



The Region of Lombardy has recognised Arcari as a historic business, as it is characterised by its continuous management, brand, and range of products over time (at least 40 years), as well as its location in a prestigious building and the conservation of its historic furnishings and equipment.

Our Story

The Arcari family has been lovingly pursuing an idea of furnishing based on tradition, style, and craftsmanship since 1960.


the beginnings

Gianfranco Arcari began producing made-to-measure kitchens in a small workshop in Isola Dovarese, with the help of his wife Gabriella and his keen passion for furniture and the selection of perfect accessories to complete the interior.


the first shop

The success achieved by listening closely to the customer's needs led to the opening of the first shop, which from the very beginning offered furniture coordinated with wooden kitchens.


showroom renovation

The shop is renovated for the company's twentieth anniversary. An important milestone! This renovation is in keeping with the architectural style of the small rural village with its Gonzaga history, but at the same time it is modern in the way it welcomes customers and in its constantly updated range of products.


the workshop

Production moved to the new workshop where artisan experience is combined with new contemporary production systems.



the Brescia shop

Arcari opens a new shop in Brescia to meet the growing customer demand.
Participation and an enthusiastic welcome in the pavilions of the Luxury and Interior Design Fair at the "Abitare il Tempo" international exhibition in Verona.




After the success of the Verona exhibition, Arcari opens up to the international market and starts exporting its lines.


the Milan furniture Trade Fair

Arcari's first participation in the famous "Salone del Mobile" in Milan. Success leads to participation in the 2012, 2014, 2016 editions.


bathroom furniture

Arcari broadens the spectrum of its product lines to include bathroom furnishings.


the Positano line

Arcari presents the new Positano line that includes, in addition to the kitchen ranges, items for the living room.


the contemporary kitchen

Arcari presents the new Solferino line, with a contemporary flavour, which includes kitchens, living rooms and self-standing solutions ideal for a variety of furnishing solutions.