thinking and producing

The focus on sustainability, which has been very much in vogue in recent years, has been an integral part of Arcari Arredamenti's DNA since its creation.

The advantage of just-in-time production, using certified products that are environmentally friendly, is obvious: the furniture will last a lifetime, resisting passing fads and wear and tear.


FSC certified

We only use wood from regulated forestry and design lines whose timeless appeal accompanies generations without losing aesthetic quality, but rather acquires that delicate elegance that makes every room delightfully steeped in history and time.

The best things are only achieved with the greatest passion.




Our furniture is made with materials and techniques that mean it will last over time without losing any functional or aesthetic quality. This is a great asset to the environment because it reduces the generation of waste and allows forests to regenerate.
But for us, the value of the longevity of our furniture lies above all in its ability to accompany you over time and act as a setting for you, your family and your time together.


unseen details

We use top-quality varnishes that enhance the colour of the wood.
We only choose varnishes that do not release harmful substances into the environment, not even those permitted by law.
This should be obvious, but perhaps it is not for everyone.