The table is coloured for a hymn to Spring

Easter is the Spring holiday par excellence, a sort of ritual, a door through which you access the summer season, that part of the most cheerful and festive year mostly made of holidays, free time and life in the open air.

Those who love to respect traditions, to celebrate Easter, will choose to gather at home with their loved ones, around a table prepared a bit like at Christmas, while others will prefer to stay outdoors in "easy" mode. And so, in any case, the table is the central element of this festival: cheerful and colourful or refined and with sober if not monochrome tones, there are many ways to set and dress a table for Easter.

The best thing is to follow the dominant style of your own dining room or kitchen, in short, where you will be celebrating. Below are some ideas for different atmospheres or situations, which should not be taken literally but which will be declined following one's own tastes and on one's own home.

Do you love classic style? Here is a suggestion for a simple yet refined table, with a flowery bouquet in the center in pastel shades that recall the delicious decorated eggs used as a placeholder and / or napkin ring.

Do you prefer a more contemporary-chic style instead? Here are some ideas that are right for you and that will create a perfect harmony between the style of your kitchen and that of the Easter table.

The first is played on three colours: pistachio green, white and brown in a hemp / sackcloth shade.

The second, simple and refined, we could call it almost mono-chrome, as it consists of a blue that we find in some dishes and decorated eggs, but also on the basis of the "shabby" table.

Do you love the industrial style with its non-colour colours like grays and browns? Create a sober table, whose cool elegance is tempered by flowers and eggs, or other elements, of an intense yellow ...

At Easter, maybe you only have time for a brunch because you're leaving? Don't give up making it festive!

Finally, whatever the style of your kitchen, don’t resist the temptation to put colours on the table in full honour in spring! Take a look at these proposals and find the one closest to your mood ... and ... Happy Easter!