The luxury of time

And of objects who spend it with us
The luxury of time

There are a lot of definitions of luxury, but they may be summarily parted into those that capture the materialist side - applying it to increasingly refined and expensive objects and experiences - and those that seek, rather, the features of distinction, elegance, and culture;

Luxury, like all that is precious, in the end always concerns something rare that one aspires to possess.

To all person time is rare and desirable, and even rarer and desirable is time for oneself, free from work commitments or worldly diktats.

Here is an aspect that makes everyone agree: time is a luxury, and such above all is quality time, the one that we spend in activities that gratify us, possibly in pleasant ambiences.

How to get more of it? For sure, the first steps are to decide what matters to us, remove the distractions and focus on what generates meaning. Dedicate to the essential, in short.

Let's reduce the things we own, and choose that the ones we decide to keep are definitely good, so we don't have to waste time ordering, repairing, replacing.

Objects and furniture that will not only save our time but enrich it, becoming witnesses of moments of our life; our own and the one of those people with whom we spend it. A role that will give them a kind of value that cannot be bought, because they cannot be replaced nor replicated.

In this perspective even wear will become a value, as well understood by Japanese aesthetics synthesizing the concept of wabi-sabi, in which the beauty that accompanies the advance of age is captured, when the objects' life is highlighted by slowly deposited patina or by wise repairs.