A mansard with a view

A coordinated project to enjoy the beauty of Lake Garda
A mansard with a view

Interior design is always an exciting challenge because you need to combine many elements simultaneously: the existing architecture, the personality of those who live there and their aspirations, your sensitivity.

In this project, the client wanted to enhance the mansard connected to his attic to be able to fully enjoy the splendid view of Lake Garda. A fascinating but difficult to furnish space due to the sloping roof, the columns and the niches that characterize it.

It was necessary to complete the architecture with tailor-made or - more precisely - ad-hoc designed elements. Furnishings that reflect the personal style of the client, and create spaces which can turn into experiences.

To the right of the staircase leading to the mansard from the attic below, the living area has been furnished. First of all, a dining table was placed, arranged to enjoy the lake view thoroughly. We opted for an extendable table, so as not to occupy too much space but to can comfortably accommodate up to six people, if necessary.

A little further on, the large sofa designed to solve the problem of the central column. Its wave shape embraces it and exploits the resulting central void by inserting a very comfortable table top. Covered with a bold and vibrant red velvet, it gives a unique character to space and is coordinated with the chairs of the dining table and the stools of the kitchen area.

In front of the sofa, in a niche next to one of the doors that open onto the terrace, a custom-made bookcase houses television and stereo, two elements that could not fail to complete the welcome in this corner of relaxation.

In order to manage the dinners on the terrace, a small but complete kitchen has been furnished, taking advantage of the corner on the left of the staircase.

The kitchen uses the inner wall for the fires and the sink and increases the surface area with an L-shaped counter facing inwards.

This counter also serves as a snack counter thanks to a higher edge than the countertop and an empty recess underneath that allows you to arrange two period stools.

To its right, a small wardrobe-cabinet has the function of keeping the best bottles of the owner close at hand.

The kitchen doors alternate between closed doors, honeycomb doors, and frosted glass doors: a solution that moves and lightens the perception of the composition.

In the attic, the intervention was related to the two bookcases that frame the fireplace, also here designed to fit into two large niches, and linked to the advice for the enhancement of the column at the entrance, resolved with an elegant trompe l'oeil monochrome.

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