Villa in Traversetolo

From traditional to modern with just a few touches coordinated and customized
Villa in Traversetolo

Already from the outside, with the large pool-lounge, the paved paths, and the well-kept garden, we understand that the owner of the villa has chosen to enjoy his beauties calmly.

Inside the building, we find confirmation of this intuition in the spacious living room, very comfortable: sizeable classic sofa in dark brown leather, flanked by the matching chaise longue armchair. Leather chairs with soft lines are arranged around the large table, whose glass top is supported by a sober and refined iron structure. The elegance of not ostentatious opulence.

Remarkable is the open fireplace, which reveals the desire for practical use and together indicates the intention to reactivate the precious symbolic function of the "hearth" without meaning nostalgia of the past. The shape of the imposing copper hood, bare of decorations and almost as abstract as the picture that decorates the environment, it will be taken up by the hood in the kitchen, presenting itself as an iconic element of the villa.

Designed and built from scratch, with limited and very careful wall interventions aimed at expanding the space and recovering brightness, the new kitchen effectively qualifies as a second living room, placed in even visual continuity with the living room.

Elegant in the specially designed furnishings, this environment surprises above all for its unusual dominant color: a cold green, decisively contrasting the warm tones of the living room. Together with white, this same moss color plays in the vast, original ceramic abstraction composition that decorates the wall behind the hood, and then expands to the surfaces of the furniture. Only the long oak floor, cut to size and hand-planed with french wax finish for a material effect that enhances the value of wood, opposes its natural warmth.

Two details of style stand out in this environment at the same time refined and relaxed: the classic shelves that frame the television screen above the oak counter, and the maintenance in the pavement of the original walls, a feature characterizing the conservative restoration of ancient monuments.

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