Class, finesse, refinement

Romantic style and harmony of well-being
Class, finesse, refinement

Choosing furniture for a bathroom is never easy. Bringing together different tastes and needs, can be a challenge. A difficult choice between those who prefer aesthetics, and those who choose classic elegance, while not renouncing comfort. A solution that can combine sobriety, practicality and, why not, a pinch of refinement is the Bagno Taormina Classic.

Taormina Classic has the charm of a romantic style: the classic, harmonious, defined lines give the visual and tactile sensation of a preciousness and timeless sobriety. The high-quality materials make these furnishing accessories perfect for a home with a refined and elegant style, whether in the city or in the countryside.

The spaces of the furniture are designed to be practical and comfortable to use and live. The large main cabinet is equipped, at the top, with numerous very large compartments. The various compartments are suitable for easily storing towels and other objects necessary for the bathroom.

The shelf of the two wash basins allows, thanks to the large surface, to better organize the personal hygiene products to be kept always at hand, such as creams or detergents for skin care or make-up. The same washbasins are spacious and spacious, and can be used simultaneously by two people without however stealing too much space from the practicality of the polished Sahara marble shelf.

The numerous lower drawers, of different sizes, are optimal for relocating all the objects necessary for self-care and cleanliness of the environment. Their different sizes make them suitable for storing objects of different sizes such as hair dryers, more or less large towels, bath salts, and bathrobes. In short, everything you need to enjoy a nice regenerating bath at the end of the day, or a shower to wash away stress and tiredness.

To dominate the whole, a large mirror with a finely decorated frame, which gives a touch of classic elegance, enriched by some light points capable of illuminating the figure of those who are reflected in it.

Touch of class are the columns that surround the furniture and lift its verticality: a reminder of the ancient and majestic Greek columns which, with their capitals, are a symbol of classic elegance and solemnity.

The upper frame is perfect to act as a connecting element with a possible boiserie in the room and to give a harmonious continuity with the entire environment.